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I am an audio engineer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, working with recording,

mix, mastering and basically all other audio related projects.

When I am not in the studio I work freelance with live audio engineering.

Audio engineering is science and arts combined. Certain things are mandatory

for a process to be successful, however it is also very important for me

to include any ideas you might have for how you want your product to turn out.

Again, welcome. I hope you'll like it here.


A few examples of some of the projects I have worked on


Jeg har haft den store fornøjelse at få 2 af mine produktioner mastereret af Sebastian og begge har lydt virkelig godt! Har ikke haft nogle indvendinger overhovedet og Sebastian har været nem og super tjekket at arbejde med, så en stor anbefaling herfra.

Anders Trentemøller

Sebastian er en super dygtig fyr med et meget musikalsk øre ifht. mix og mastering.

Derudover er han altid enormt tjekket, professionel og behagelig at samarbejde med, hvilket er vigtigt da man ofte er lidt presset på tid i projektets sidste fase - masteringen.

Jesper Braae Madsen - Youth in Blue

Sebastian Vinther has mastered our debut EP Taking Over, giving the EP a homogenous, dynamic and versatile sound. Our music is both powerful and energetic but also fragile and airy. This can hamper the task of making a record glue together in mastering. Still, Sebastian has managed to achieve this with great conviction. Mamaré would like to give Sebastian our heartfelt recommendation.

Mathias Findalen Bickersteth - Mamare

Sebastian is a responsive and thorough mastering technician who knows his craft, but also has a great understanding of meeting a specific artist’s aesthetic preferences. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to the next collaboration.

Marc Facchini - Little Bird