Services and rates

The following is a list of some of the

services I can offer you, along with a list of rates.

I have listed my rates for mix and mastering only, as the extent of services such as production, recording and live engineering often vary greatly between different projects. Therefore, if your request is regarding any of these services, please send me an email and we can take it from there.

The rates shown are including VAT (moms)

Studio rental:

1 day (including studio engineer aka me): 3.125 DKK (420 €)


1 track: 3.750 DKK (504 €) 

> 2 tracks: 3.250 DKK (437 €) pr track

> 5 tracks: 3.000 DKK (403 €) pr track


Stereo mastering (1 stereo track / 1 stereo track + vocal stem):

1 track: 625 DKK (84€)

2-7 tracks: 600 DKK (81€) pr track

Full album (8-12 tracks): 4.800 DKK (645 €)

(Mix check/advice is free of charge)


Stem mastering (3-8 stems):

1 track: 1.000 DKK (134€)


Edit / extended / instrumental / singback:

Alternative versions of existing master.

300 DKK (40€) pr. version


DDP / Meta Data

DDP file or meta data (ISRC a.o.)

625 DKK (84€) pr. album


Master for vinyl:

I also offer mastering specialized for vinyl. Please ask for a price.


Revisions and guarantee:

Free, unlimited revisions are included when a price is agreed upon. All services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



If you have any questions regarding prices, formats, services or anything else about life in general, please feel free to send me an email.